Photographic Competition

Recognising the fact that many of our members are also keen garden photographers we run an annual photographic competition in the Autumn.

This years categories are...

1. A Peaceful Spot - could be in your garden or on a visit to someone else's

2. Daisy Delights - any flower in the daisy, Asteraceae or Compositae family

3. Bugs on Flowers - any bug, friend or foe.

This year images can be paper or digital...

- Paper either  6” x 4” (152mm x 102mm) printed or 7” x 5” (178mm x 127mm) (sorry - was incorrectly stated as 7"x 8" previously) printed 


- Digital supplied on CD or Memory Stick...

  • medium resolution (no more than around 2000 x 1500 pixels)
  • JPG/JPEG format. 
  • Please do NOT zip or otherwise further compress the images. (Zip files may be rejected as zip files can contain viruses).

Photos and digital memory will be returned.
Maximum two entries per person per category.

On the reverse of each photo print your name, entry category, month taken in 2018 and a title if you wish, or put the information on the digital memory, in an envelope with your name on. 

Photos to be delivered to Heather Farquhar by 31st October 2018 for judging and will be displayed at the November meeting and prizes awarded.

Good Luck and Happy Snapping!

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